The Council shares with the district vision of being a ‘city that will provide economic empowerment of its
residents through provision of efficient public safety, equitable and quality socio-economic services by the
year 2030.

To provide effective, efficient and sustainable public services in order to improve the quality of life for the
people in the district.

To improve the delivery of quality and accessible public services in order to up lift the standard of living of
people in the district

During the plan period, Council will operate under the broad objectives as follows;

1 To co-ordinate land use and development in order to enhance land management and control,
2 To construct, rehabilitate and maintain infrastructure in order to facilitate provision of services.
3 To mobilize and manage financial resources in order to facilitate the effective implementation of
programmes and projects,
4 To manage and develop human resource in order to enhance services delivery,
5 To provide public health services in order to improve quality of life,
6 To ensure disaster preparedness in order to provide timely and appropriate interventions,
7 To provide early child education, basic education and adult literacy education, in order to improve
literacy, impart knowledge and skills and contribute to human development,
8 To establish and maintain an effective information management system in order to enhance
effective decision-making and timely dissemination of information,
9 To effectively provide agriculture extension services to enhance sustainable food production and
10 To provide community police and community prisons services in order to maintain law and order,
11 To effectively manage and conserve the environment and natural resources in order to protect
heritage and ensure sustainability,
12 To effectively provide Child and Youth welfare services in order to uphold and protect their rights,
13 To effectively formulate policies and district development plans, monitor and evaluate their
implementation in order to foster systematic development in the district,
Strategic Plan: 2016-2020 11 | P a g e
14 To improve community participation in planning and development in the district in order to promote
good governance,
15 To mainstream HIV/AIDS in all sector programmes in order to prevent and mitigate HIV/AIDS
impact on the community,
16 To provide adequate quality water and sanitation services in order to improve public health,
17 To provide legal services in order to safeguard the interests of the Local Authority,
18 To provide solid waste management services in order to prevent communicable diseases and
improve quality of life,
19 To enhance Community development in order to improve living standards of the people in the


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