We, the management and staff of the Kalulushi Municipal Council have been entrusted with the great responsibility of developing and implementing policies and programmes to ensure that service delivery is done in a more efficient manner.

To help the Council l to discharge its duties efficiently so as to provide a service we have developed a customer service charter. 

This service charter identifies KEY services that the Council will provide in carrying out its duties. For each of our services a performance standard has been defined. This will enable all our customers to know exactly what service they have a right to receive, when they follow the defined procedures.

The customer service charter also reflects the core values adopted by the Council. Our capacity to provide services in an open, professional and efficient manner also has been enhanced by the established Ward Development Committees.

On behalf of all employees at the Kalulushi Municipal Council, I offer person al guarantee that we will strive to provide you with this level of service. And should we fail to meet our own published standard, I encourage you to contact us through any of the avenues specified in the charter.

The Council shall provide information about various services being offered to its clients between the following working hours 08:30 - 12:30hrs and 14:30 - 16:30 hrs.

 Public Relations -Publish information

-All information shall be published through the public and private media when need arises

-Council journal quarterly

  -Respond to press queries Within a day
    Within 7 days
  -Acknowledge comments/Complaints Within 5 working days of receipt by appropriate department
  -Provide information about various services being offered by the council to the clients. Daily